1st Edition
60 pages


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Discover why learning the course material is only half your job 
Learn the 4 ways to transfer knowledge 
Tips on note-taking and underlining 
Ideal for college and high school students 

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  Better grades...


Studying is not about intelligence; it's about following a process...

Learn2study's new student pocket guide was designed to help students understand the studying process, and provides a clear, step-by-step strategy to help improve academic performance.

Prepared with student time constraints in mind, this guide is concise, easy to read, and includes charts and illustrative icons.

The bottom line for a student is the ability to achieve good grades. To this end, the student pocket guide not only provides help with learning course material but also with preparing smartly for tests.

This guide is recommended for college and high school students seeking to make efficient use of their time and effort, reduce stress and anxiety, gain confidence, overcome academic barriers, and, of course, improve their grades.



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